Are You Treating Your Customers Like A Pain In The Butt? OR A VIP?


Every customer you have deserves to be treated like a VIP. Making customers feel valued is crucial to their ongoing loyalty and to your business success and growth. One of the most powerful weapons in the world of business is word of mouth and when you treat your customers like VIP’s they are sure to spread positive accolades to their network, which is good for business.

Here are 8 simple ways to ensure that ALL your customers feel like they are being given the VIP treatment.

Train all of your staff to be friendly and engaging to everyone
From the person who answers your company phone to managers, floor staff and cleaners ensure that everyone who works for you has a positive and engaging attitude. This will mean that no matter who in your company your customer interacts with the experience will be a positive one. Remind your staff to leave any preconceived perceptions at the door and to treat every customer the same – every customer deserves to be treated like they are the most important customers in your business.

Anticipate their needs
A great waiter knows when to refill your glass or replenish the bread bowl just like a great company should be able to anticipate the needs of their customers. When you are one step ahead of your customers and know what they need or want before they even do then you are showing them that you know them and are dedicated to servicing their needs before they even have to ask for it.

Give respect
It costs nothing to be polite and courteous but it can be very pricey if you aren’t. Treat every single customer regardless of socioeconomic background or perceived status with respect and you will find that your business will be better off for it.

Show immediate action and solutions, not blame
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and mistakes are made. Apologies are important, but if they are not followed be immediate and effective action then they are just hollow words. When errors occur be accountable, apologise and then ensure that an immediate response is taken to resolve the problem and ensure a solution.

Ask for feedback
It is really important not only to get feedback from your customers but also to actually take it to heart. When you ask for feedback and more importantly when you respond to feedback you are showing your customers that they have been heard and that their opinion is valued. You can transform an unhappy customer into a happy customer by hearing their feedback and addressing their concerns.

Pay attention to details
The small things matter so it is important to pay attention to the details. From having a clean and welcoming workspace, to having friendly staff, complimentary refreshments and sending out personalised correspondence – the key is in the detail. Don’t overlook the little things or ever underestimate the power of good customer service.

Give them something for nothing
Who doesn’t love it when they receive something for free? From something a s simple as a tip sheet or a discount coupon to free samples or even a goodie bag – whatever it is people appreciate receiving something for nothing no matter how small it is. A great tip for extra business promotion is to give away branded merchandise like drink bottles, umbrellas or even caps. This is a win win for everyone as your customer gets a gift and you get to promote your business!

Show gratitude
Whenever you can, thank your customers for doing business with you. Always be genuine when you thank them because your customers will spot a fake pretty quickly and that will leave a sour taste in their mouth. If you want to win a customer and their loyalty then you need to authentic and genuine. There are many ways that you can show your gratitude to your customers from sending out gift cards or discounts to reward loyalty to sending out Christmas or birthday cards or even holding customer appreciation days or VIP drink nights. It is important to always keep in mind that your customers are the reason that you are in business so it essential that you ensure that they feel appreciated.

Remember a valued customer is a happy one and a happy customer not only comes back but also tells others how amazing their experience has been and that is golden when it comes to good business.