It’s Getting More and More Expensive to Run Facebook Ads, Should We Stay or Leave?


The power of Facebook marketing has become apparent to a lot more people today. However, this means that price is also rising.

In this piece from Social Media Examiner, we get to read about Michael Stelzner’s fascinating perspectives on this topic. Here’s a short excerpt to whet your appetite:

Anytime we’re running ads, it’s a numbers game. If your lead cost doubles from $4 to $8, but you know the value of that customer is $50, you’re not really sweating it because you know what those numbers are. It’s when people don’t know what those numbers are in their business that things get really scary. It also lets you answer the question, “How much should I be spending on my ads?” This is the million-dollar question.

 He makes some other cool points here so do check them out at the link below…

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