Ryan Reynolds Gives us Contextual Marketing a New Definition With Latest Gin Ad


Ryan Reynolds, the actor and the new senior brand manager and majority owner of Aviation Gin, shows us how to make content marketing fun. Time.com tells us all about it in this piece.

Here’s short and sweet excerpt to best summarize it:

Following the conversation surrounding the Peloton commercial, Reynolds worked with Ruiz on an advertisement for his liquor brand, Aviation Gin. In the Aviation video, which Reynolds shared on Twitter last week, Ruiz is out for drinks with two friends who tell her she is “safe” now—either safe from the buzz or from her Peloton character’s husband. “To new beginnings,” she says.

The Deadpool actor has been making great work for his new company. Can’t wait for the next ads that come out for the liquor company.

Read the source article at time.com