Time to Reassess Your 2019 Strategies and Realign It With Your 2020 Goals


Some content marketing tactics that have become irrelevant over the course of last year. However, there are some whose impact remain the same and may have even gained more. This article from Business 2 Community has some interesting ones that we thought we would share here.

In it, Sarah Bedford shares:

Reusing isn’t just a recycling tactic. When you create content that thrives on your website, repurpose that post across your other platforms–like social media and YouTube. By giving that content a new form, a new life, your audience is getting the information in a variety of formats, allowing them to process that information in a way that suits their needs.

The biggest mistake bloggers make is just writing the same topic over and over again without adding depth or a new spin. If you want to reuse a topic, the best way to see results is by reformatting it across channels.

For more timeless marketing tips, give the rest of Sarah’s article a read. There’s more to be gleaned from it.

Read the source article at business2community.com